A Quick Guide For Finding The Best Grass-Fed Beef Money Can Buy

There are a number of factors that you should know about when it comes to buying grass-fed beef, including cuts, colors, fat content, and labels. This section will guide you on how to pick the best grass-fed beef to buy.

The taste of conventional beef that you buy in the market can’t compare to the grass-fed beef. The taste of grass-fed beef will be richer and it will have more minerals in it; there are other differences that you need to note when it comes to buying beef. Check the list of the things to consider.

Reading the labels are essential.

Look at the labels and search for the words grass-fed in it. You need to make sure that the label shows the USDA-regulated approval because that ensures that the meat does come from cattle that have been eating nothing but grass from weaning to slaughter.
The label needs to have a third-party logo that indicates that the cattle has been fed with nothing but grass. You need to make sure that the logo was raised humanely without the help of antibiotics and hormones because that is what changes the taste and content of the meat. A third-party company needs to certify that all the grass-fed claims are in fact legit.

You shouldn’t buy beef that has terms on the label saying it was grass-finished because it is a high chance that the cattle had grains included in its diet.

Learn the different between grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef below.

Understanding the seasonality of cattle diets will be essential.

Conventional beef is the result from cattle that were fed with grain all year round, if you compare it to grass-fed beef, you’ll notice that the meat is at its prime since it was fed with green grass that are full of nutrients.

Farmers either sell their meat fresh when peak season hits while other farmers freeze the meat they have for sale for the whole year. Vacuum-sealed meat that is frozen at the right temperature will have the same good taste.

The in-season is where the animals are being grazed. This is what most cattle-raising areas do in the US. The best seasons to graze the animals will be during late spring and early summer but in more temperate areas, the grass can be good all-year round.

Local Beef Buying – Things You Should Know

You should know that grass-fed beef are mostly produced on small farms and are being sold to consumers directly. You’ll have a better chance of finding grass-fed beef at your local farmers market.

If you buy from a farmer directly, it will mean that you won’t have any labels to refer to but you can ask the farmer how the beef was produced.

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