The Most Healthy Foods and Nutrients they provide to the body for Healthy Back

According to report 80% of American citizens will experience back pain at some stage in their life. Some of the factors that will make you experience back pain include; back injury, your genetic makeup, and also to some extent the nutrients that your body lack. Currently, a lot of processed food and health supplements which are advertised to help in back pains do not offer the solutions as it is said. If you frequently experience back pain and you need a solution, read this article to learn more about the natural food you should for a healthy back.

The main nutrient that your body needs for a healthy back are the calcium. The chief nutrient that usually contributes to strong body bones is the calcium. Since the body is normally growing and experience some changes, it will require calcium. Due to this reason, the body’s natural process will extract calcium from the bones and transport them to the other body parts where they are needed. People with calcium shortage in the body will suffer more because the body’s natural process will have to occur continuously, so as calcium is extracted from their bones, their bones remain weak. Because of the weak bones individuals will experience back pain, or some will even have spinal problems. The food you need to supply you with sufficient calcium include; spinach, kales, almonds, beans and so on.

The other nutrient you need for a healthy back is vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is the nutrient that is usually responsible for healthy nerves and development. This vitamin is also responsible for protein absorption in the body, energy production among others. The main reason why you will need Vitamin B12 if you experience back pain is because this vitamin is responsible for healthy nerves and the healthy nerves make the back healthy. The main source of vitamin B12 is meat and animal by-products. This vitamin is to be taken with food.

The other important food you need if you experience back pain is anti-inflammatory herbs and vegetables. The other cause of back pain is inflammation. Apart from the positive body’s natural process to eliminate pathogens that inflammation play, it can also make individuals to experience back pain. Several food products can help you to fight back pain caused by inflammation; the foods include; tomatoes, olive oil, vegetable, nuts and a lot more.

These are the foods that if you include in your diet, you will have a healthy back.